The Perkins Family

Child attendance  – Sept 2013 to present

Literacy and fluency is a direct function of time spent. NWCA’s full immersion program is simply the best. Our daughter has flourished beyond our expectations, in all subjects. If we could wish for anything it would be even more opportunities to read, write and speak Chinese.

The Stebbins Family

Child attendance- Sept 2012 to present

NWCA is exactly what we were looking for in a school for our daughter. We wanted strong Chinese and academics, but also a community to grow with. We’ve found our people at NWCA! Our daughter is thriving socially and academically.

The Contreras Family

Child attendance–September 2011 to present

When we were looking for a Mandarin Immersion program – NWCA stood out as the school in which students spent most of their day truly immersed in the language.  We were impressed with the supportive, caring attitude from the staff and teachers.  Our children are not only learning to speak Mandarin, they are learning what it means to be global citizens.  They love going to school

The Johnsons

Child attendance–March 2015 to present

It has been amazing to watch a four-year-old child understand and respond to a language she had never heard before stepping through the doors of NWCA.  She has learned so much in just a year at the school, and not just Mandarin language skills–she tells me about science, art, and math lessons every day.  It’s great to see how she has improved in writing English, too!  

We are so happy to have found NWCA.  It’s a school with wonderful academics and language immersion, as well as with amazing staff members and families. We would recommend the school to anyone looking for Mandarin immersion as well as top academics and environment, and we are always happy to tell people we meet about the school.

Dr. Shuhan Wang, President of ELE Consulting International

Dr. Shuhan Wang spent three days at the end of August working with the teachers at Northwest Chinese Academy. Dr. Wang had the opportunity to observe our classes in May, and told the teachers that she has observed Mandarin Immersion schools around the country and that NWCA students are exposed to the highest amount of immersion that she has seen! She also said that our students, “demonstrate high oral language and literacy skills in Chinese language, one of the highest I have observed among many Chinese immersion schools in the United States.”